biblatex-archaeology in its environment Ⅶ: CiteDrive

CiteDrive is a collaborative online reference manager for BibTeΧ. Its strengthens are the possibility to pick up references from online sources like PubMed or Google Scholar via a Browser plugin (“CiteDrive Companion”) and the integration into several LaTeΧ editors like Overleaf or RStudio. It can produce cite commands for LaTeΧ and Pandoc as well.

I must admit that I could not figure out how to use BibLaTeΧ ahead of common BibTeΧ support. CiteDrive looks unready to me. The page about BibLaTeΧ support is empty at the time being. Eg., there should be a BibLaTeΧ mode for citation keys that returns \autocite instead of \cite. Since the entry editor is a simple text editor plus syntax highlighting there is no problem to upload the biblatex-archaeology sample file – via Copy&Paste since there is no file upload form. By the way, do not forget to press Format BibTeΧ code before saving!

All in all I see no advance over an offline editor like JabRef apart from the collaborative methods for working groups.

Ingram Braun

Archaeologist, web developer, proofreader


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