The DateTime::Format::PGN module


DateTime::Format::PGN is a parser and formatter for dates in chess game databases in PGN format. It belongs to the wide scope of the Perl DateTime class.

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use DateTime::Format::PGN;
my $f = DateTime::Format::PGN->new();
my $dt = $f->parse_datetime( '2004.04.23' );
# 2004.04.23
print $f->format_datetime($dt);
# return a DateTime::Incomplete object:
my $fi = DateTime::Format::PGN->new( { use_incomplete => 1} );
my $dti = $fi->parse_datetime( '2004.??.??' );
# 2004.??.??
print $fi->format_datetime($dti);

For details refer to the documentation delivered with the code or get theREADME file as PDF.

Table of contents

Get code

An installable distribution can be obtained from CPAN, usually by using the Cpan or cpanminus scripts. The Dist::Zilla-driven development code can get cloned from GitHub:

$ git clone

Table of contents


If there are any concerns use the CPAN or GitHub trackers.

Table of contents

The DateTime::Format::PGN module 1

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