The apalike-german package: an author year style for BibTeΧ


I made apalike-german.bst because I was forced to use plain old BibTeΧ in conjunction with apalike.bst but I needed German localization. It is simply a copy of the original file. My editions concern the following:

  • Inserted words were translated to German.
  • Puryifing of label numbers is removed. Thus, dots in the label year shall not be removed.
  • Capitalization of title words will remain.

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Create the directory {TEXMF}/bibtex/bst/apalike-german, move apalike-german.bst there and update the file name database.

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First let me point out that if you are not forced to use plain BibTeΧ it is much better to rely on the biblatex package, preferably in conjunction with Biber (by the way, check out my biblatex-archaeology styles). Thus, you gain much more flexibility for your references. If you took this into account, call bibliographystyle{apalike-german} as usual after begin{document}.

In case a numerical year lacks you can use an expression like n.d.:

@MISC{undated-item, ... year = {o.J.}, }

The dots get preserved, but only four digits are allowed!

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  • 11-sep-2016: Original version by Ingram Braun
  • 17-mar-2018: Macro mar bug fixed (Issue #1).

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Clone it from GitHub:

$ git clone

or download it from CTAN:


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Copyright and License

© 2016–2018 by Ingram Braun, 1986–2010 by Oren Patashnik.

Published under theLaTeΧ Project Public License 1.3c or later.

Table of contents

The apalike-german package: an author year style for <span class="ibml_caps">Bib</span>T<span class="ibml_e">e</span>Χ 1
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4 Responses

  1. Hello,

    I have to use apalike-deutsch and no URLs are displayed in the bibliography. What can it do?
    I use citavi to create the bib file.
    the bib file example show

     abstract = {Die psychologische Wirkung von Farben kann dazu beitragen, eure Marke zu st{\"a}rken, und Besucher eurer Website auf bestimmte Seiten zu leiten!},
     author = {99designs},
     year = {2015},
     title = {Die Psychologie der Farben im Webdesign},
     url = {},
     urldate = {20.03.2021}
    • Yes, there are no url and urldate fields in apalike-german. The usual way to cite online sources with these old styles is note = {\url{}}. If you are stuck to plain BibTeΧ, try style apacite which provides both fields and some language customization, too. I assume that you can rebuild apalike-german there without too much endeavour. If bibLaTeΧ is possible, it is highly recommended. There is a biblatex-apa style which at least inherits the German localisation from bibLaTeΧ. And my biblatex-archaeology styles for German cultural anthropology contain a style dguf-apa which may also an be option. Remark that the date format does not fit to bibLaTeΧ.

  2. Hi!
    First let me thank you for your work! I found what I was looking for.
    Now, I’m looking for a way to sort my citations by appearance, or, so to speak, not sort them in any other way.
    I tried to comment out some stuff in your .bst file but i dont get it done. ;(
    Maybe you can tell me what I need to delete in your file or adapt in my latex-code.

    The only code related to the citation or bib in my project are the following:


    (sorting=none didnt get the job done, so its useless in this case)

    I’d be happy to hear from you!

    • The issue with these old plain BibTeΧ styles is that everything is hardcoded in the *.bst-files which are not LaTeX but a macro language of its own. That’s why BibLaTeΧ was created where nearly all things can be adapted through LaTeΧ code. If you have the choice of style I strongly recommend to employ BibLaTeΧ. All old standard styles are available there and a mighty language support for German (old and new spelling), too. And there is a natbib compatibility mode; so you are not oblieged to change your existing citation commands. That is a far better solution than beginning to recode plain BibTeΧ styles.

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