Subscribe to my Website Feed in Fediverse (fi. Mastodon)

It is now possible to subscribe to my website feed in your Fediverse client. Put

into the search field of your client – Mastodon in most cases. If this does not yield the expected result, try the profile URL

You will get a profile which you can follow in the usual way. All new postings will show up in your federated feed then. And it is possible to write comments in Mastodon. They will be displayed in the WordPress post, too. On the other hand, comments posted on WordPress will show up in Mastodon. Alas, the comment sharing appears not to work in all Fediverse clients. My Friendica shows others comments irrespective of the provenance but WordPress refuses to share comments written with Friendica.

If you want to follow my Friendica account, use the following profile URL: And if you want to follow my local chess club head over to

By the way, on Android I am employing Tusky instead of tooot as Mastodon app now.

Subscribe to my Website Feed in Fediverse (fi. Mastodon) 1

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