WP Tournament Registration updated to 1.1.2

I have released a new version (1.1.2) of my WordPress Plugin WP Tournament Registration. There are only small changes in the documentation and it is tested with the brand new WordPress release 5.7 now. You can check it out on the project page or read the entire manual on the WordPress plugin page. Enjoy!

Ingram Braun

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  1. Hello,

    I want to know if I can create an Esport competition site with your plugin.

    I have the impression that I can recover data, however do you think that with your plugin, we can make a team building system?

    Then create ladders, competitions, tournaments?

    • As the name indicates the plugin is only meant for the registration process. Thus, it collects data submitted through a web form. It provides fields for custom data and a configurable txt export. The people I initially made this plugin for usually employ Swiss-Chess but any other tournament manager that is capable to import data from a plain text file should do. I suppose what you are searching for is a full qualified tournament manager. I am sorry but this is far out of scope of this plugin.

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